Beat the heat

Are you experiencing

Beat the heat

High Electricity Bills

Beat the heat

Warm Air

Beat the heat


Beat the heat

Funky Smells

Beat the heat

Clunky Noises

Then it's time to service your AC!

Extend the lifespan of your units

We recommend serving your AC unit 3 times per year. With the right amount of care and attention, you will get the most out of your unit.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Like a car, regular servicing makes your unit run more efficiently. Our technicians are able to spot and even prevent major problems to ensure your unit is able to do its job.

Enjoy Better Air Quality

Dust build-up over time is inevitable, but during servicing the filters are cleaned to ensure you enjoy the best air quality.

Service packages available:

Up to 3 units $13,500.00
4 units $16,200.00
5 units $18,900.00
6 units $21,600.00
7 units $24,300.00
8 units $27,000.00
9 units $29,700.00

Kindly complete the form below and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Offer only valid for domestic customers and on mini split AC models and brands. The costs outlined are the service prices for AC units within the same house/apartment unit. Prices are subject to GCT.